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Guiding Leaders to Their Full Potential

For over two decades, Shirley has been a beacon of transformation in the world of leadership. As a Master Inner Work Guide and Leadership Consultant, she's the brain behind the acclaimed Joyful Abundance Blueprint™ and The Joyful Abundance Business Blueprint™.

About Shirley Joy Joffe

For the past 15 years, Shirley Joy Joffe has been a Master Energy Healer, Teacher and Guide. Being the Creator of The Joyful Abundance Blueprint, Shirley uses her signature approach to empower spiritually conscious female entrepreneurs to unlock and amplify their natural intuitive powers and talents, so they can unapologetically create wealth and abundance with ease, joy and flow all on their own terms.

About Shirley Joy Joffe

Her Mission:
Shirley is passionate about mentoring high-performing entrepreneurs, professionals, and business teams. She takes pride in helping them amplify their natural gifts, talents, and potential. Her approach isn't just about hitting targets—it's about achieving success with ease, joy, and flow.

The Core of Her Work:

Unlocking an individual’s or a team’s peak performance involves two key elements:

  1. Tapping into Natural Talents: Shirley supports clients in harnessing their innate strengths, producing outstanding results, and building cohesive, powerhouse teams.
  2. Sustainable Success: She is a staunch advocate against damaging and unsustainable work practices. Instead, she champions methods that uplift individual and team morale, ensuring longevity and creativity in output.

With Shirley’s guidance, clients discover opportunities they never imagined. They feel limitless, and boundless, and surge with newfound confidence.

Her Journey:

From working with large corporations, fostering growth in small businesses, and assisting newer successful entrepreneurs, witnessing her clients thrive is what fuels her passion. Believing firmly in the power of inner work alongside practical application and leveraging individual strengths and unique zones of genius, she knows the harmony it can bring, both in happiness and productivity.

Shirley’s expertise resonates beyond her core work. She's a sought-after speaker, a guest expert in elite masterminds, and the co-author of the #1 International Bestselling books: Prosperity Codes and Revolutionary Leaders.

Originally from London, UK, she now lives her dream life with her family, 10 minutes from Semaphore Beach in Adelaide, Australia.

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"My life’s work has been an amazing journey towards mastery of my uniques gifts my journey began properly over 25 years ago and I have enjoyed guiding and helping many clients along the way in a professional capacity."
Shirley Joy Joffe

Shirley's Experience, Certification and Qualifications

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