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Welcome to Step into Your Joyfully Abundant Self

I’m so excited that you have chosen to Clarify your unique Blueprint, Create your own definition of success and Come into Alignment with who You really Are.

Please follow the structure below with the suggested timeline so that you can really start living in the way you are created to be rather than how you have been programmed by childhood, culture, etc.

Remember it’s a gift that you have gifted yourself to allow deep exploration for you to create an expansive joyful life full of ease, abundance, and prosperity with unlimited fulfilment.

Much of the work is deeply energetic with exercises and tasks to complete.

I’ve also included an Insights journal where you can document your journey of rediscovering your unique self along with practical applications along the way.

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Welcome video

If you have chosen the complete VIP option for this program, please check your emails for additional information for your Personal Energy Profile and Private Immersive Session Bookings.

Begin your Journey

Begin with the Release of Doubt

Week 1

Week 1 In this week you’ll begin to learn more about how your energetic blueprint is designed in this world, even though there are many aspects, this is more of an overview for you.

I suggest you use the link below to work out your chart and then, just listen to the videos that relate specifically to your personal Type, Authority and Profile.

Together, these will give you a great understanding of how you would be in the world without all the conditioning that has accumulated.

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1. Learn about your Human Design Blueprint

Go to to get your Human Design Chart.

This is a basic imprint for you to start looking at, in Your Optimal Soul Flow Primary Evaluation, I address an expanded and evolved spherical view of traditional Human Design along with evolutionary aspects and other mystical tools to give you a deeper view of your Self.

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2.0 Learn more about your Energy Type:

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2.1 Manifestor Energy Type

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2.2 Generator Energy Type

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2.3 Manifesting Generator Energy Type

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2.4 Projector Energy Type

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2.5 Reflector Energy Type

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3.0 The Authorities

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4.0 Learn about your Profile

4.1 The Profiles 1,2,3

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4.2 The Profiles 4,5,6

Week 2

Deconditioning Layer 1

Clearing to release Masculine and Feminine Conditioning and programming that stops you being free to create your own reality.

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Clearing the Masculine and Feminine Energies that hold you back

Watch this video at least once and then run the Audio below at least 3 more times on a low volume loop to continue to clear out deeper layers through the week.

Week 3

This week we begin to clear out role based archetypes often stop us from choosing differently in our lives, they are often beliefs that we didn’t even know we aligned to.

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Archetypes Exercise

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Archetypes Visualisation Clearing

Begin with the exercise and then watch the visualisation clearing at least once and then run the Audio below at least 3 more times on a low volume loop to continue to clear out deeper layers through the week.

Week 4

By now you should be starting to feel and notice more space in your life (energetically) , less agitation, pressure and anxiety to be someone that you have been thinking you should be. But, this is the point where many people fall back into old habits, behaviours, ways of feeling just because there is nothing to replace it yet. These 2 videos are intended to help you stay within the void comfortably and by being more comfortable with that, you then in daily life can be more adaptable and easy with change, this in it’s turn can help to relieve underlying stress.

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Moving Out of Conditioning

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Clearing Out to Space

The New Joyfully Abundant Self

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Stepping into your Joyfully Abundant Self

Rest to be delivered soon… Week 5+6 Week 7+8

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