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Step Into Your Joyfully Abundant Self

After the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Begin to understand and embody your energy type and design so you will know how you uniquely operate so you can spend more time in flow
  • Release old programming that’s been separating you from your true self so you can experience life with greater presence and peace
  • Discover your unique way of discerning whether something is right for you or not and differentiating between societal conditioning and knowing what’s your truth
  • Clarify your authentic definition of success so that you can create from a place of joy and unleash your highest potential
  • Ignite your intuitive gifts and open up and expand your magic so you can start to fully harness your superpowers

You will:

  • Feel confident in behaving and living aligned with your unique energetic blueprint on a day-to-day basis.
  • Know how to recognize what is right for you and be able to act on it easily when new decisions or situations come up.
  • Learn when to say “no” or “yes” with confidence and congruity
  • Deepen the relationship with yourself beyond imagination and you’ll be able to accept and celebrate yourself without reservation.
  • Start to live your life with less emotional pain and more peace so things flow easily for you.
  • Carve your own way in life and business with ease without conforming or feeling guilt or regret.
  • Know what your unique superpowers are and begin to use and play with them consciously and naturally to move your life forwards towards your desires.
  • Begin to feel truly alive and create your life on your terms in full alignment.

How this program will be delivered :

4 Weeks + 2 Weeks of implementation

4 Weeks of immersion for fast change

The Core:

  • 1 private profiling interview with Shirley to learn your unique behavior and motivation triggers
  • 2 private immersive sessions with Shirley, customized to your specific personality and goals
  • 10 Pre-recorded Videos for healings/clearings, training, and practical exercises
  • Private, personalized support on Voxer/Telegram from Shirley (Mon-Fri with a 24-48hr turnaround)

The Deep Support:

  • Private, personalized support from Shirley on Voxer/Telegram as you uncover and create deep, rapid, and sustainable changes
  • Personalized energy clearings and quick-fire questions and answers
  • Channeled downloads from Shirley to help you move forward at a quantum pace and transcend time and space

2 Weeks Deepening

The Embedding and Transformation

  • Additional private support from Shirley on Voxer/Telegram as you begin to implement and navigate the  deep, rapid and sustainable changes (Mon-Fri with a 24-48hr turnaround)


  • Personalized Action Guidance to continue to apply your learnings in everyday life
  • Video – Decondition old Behaviours and Be more You through Your energy type
  • Video – Identify and learn how to Create more Harmony with all the energy types
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