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The Joy of Living your Life’s Purpose

After the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Create your definition of success based on your core values so you are less influenced by societal expectations and can start living according to your own rules and desires.
  • Release regrets, guilt and resentments that prevent you from moving forward with freedom and peace.
  • Rediscover and relearn what fun looks like for you, in order to unlockmore joy, ease and flow in your everyday life and work.
  • Know how and when to surrender and “be in trust” and when to take inspired action in alignment with your unique energy type.
  • Reclaim your natural superpowers and know how to use them in daily life to activate greater abundance, purpose and fulfillment.

You will:

  • Gain clarity on your life’s purpose and start living it
  • Create the space for you to receive what you most deeply desire and dream of
  • Create a sovereign life based on your own version of joy, abundance and success
  • Feel more sense of peace, joy and fulfillment in your everyday life
  • Become more magnetic to wealth and divine downloads and opportunities from the universe
  • How this program will be delivered

Two Month in-depth immersion:

  • To connect you with the truth of who you are and your soul’s true purpose
  • Personalized Energy Strategy Report based on your Unique Energy Design with practical application. (Human Design combined with LAB Profile tips)
  • 3 x private immersive sessions with Shirley, customized to your specific personality and goals
  • 4 x healing and energy clearing videos and training to help you evolve into your life purpose with joy e.g. rewire your mind and energy to align with your new intentions and help you stay on track
    Recorded Workshop + Companion Workbook – Clarify and Create Your Life’s Purpose with Joyful Abundance


  • Joyful Abundance Strategy Plan – turning your purpose into a reality through daily action
  • Joyful Abundance Guided Meditation from Shirley
  • Purpose Declarations PDF
  • Purpose Activating Affirmations Audio
  • 3 months Access to Joyful Abundance Oasis Membership
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