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Cosmic Money Manifesting Masterclass

How would you love to be completely tuned into cosmic money code frequencies?

The Cosmic Money Manifesting Masterclass takes you out of the norm, the usual ways of bringing money in, and allows you to connect to a cosmic realm in a safe and repeatable way.

In these 2-3 hours you will learn about the Cosmic Money Codes, whether you are a flow or specific manifestor as well as be initiated to connect with cosmic portals and download cosmic codes.

So are you a beautiful intrepid soul who is called to voyage and explore beyond your boundaries and bring in Cosmic Money Codes to activate your unique energetic manifesting gifts?

Please find below your downloads.

It's recommended to do the activation for 5 days in a row initially to fully calibrate the codes

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Click the Icon to Download - Activating the Cosmic Money Codes Audio

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