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Easy Flow Tarot

I'm so excited to introduce you to my basics of Tarot in an easy, flowlike method.

In this course you will receive intuitive learning so you can read Tarot like a pro without the need to memorise loads and loads of information.

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Welcome to your video course to learn an easy method to read and appreciate Tarot as an additional tool in your intuitive toolbox.

Happy Reading!

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Welcome to the Major Arcana

In this video you’ll learn the themes and meanings behind the Major Arcana of Tarot

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Meanings of the Suits and Numbers

This video focuses on the next powerful section of the Tarot Deck, the Suits and the Numbers' meanings.

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Demystifying the Court Cards

In this video, we look at the often most confusing set of cards in the deck, the court cards and I show you an easy way to quickly identify the meaning within a reading.

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Beginning with Basic Spreads

In this video I'll go through how to use easy and basic spreads day to day to assist you in your daily life.

The Cheat Sheet

This course wouldn't be complete without a cheat sheet for you to keep handy as you begin to read the cards.

Would you love to Learn Even More?

Why not jump into my monthly membership where I go into more depth and support you on your journey with multiple modalities, day to day issues and give you monthly training around various spiritual topics that work in everyday life.

So many women feel that their lives are comfortable but not fulfilling and are seeking to find a way to harness their true essence, create miracles while living in their fantasy REAL Lives.

If there is any area of your life or business you are not madly in love with and you are ready to create/manifest and have everything you desire and you feel that you resonate with this, click over to my Transformative Visionary Programmes or Apply for a Clarity Call with me directly to see if we are a perfect energetic and practical fit.

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