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Meet Shirley Joy Joffe

As a hard working high achiever all my life, it just got me sick, burnt out and although somewhat fulfilled, there is only so much you can do by just WORKING HARD.

All that did was land me bedridden for years after being an athlete and a success in the corporate world.

I knew there had to be a better way, a knowing in all my being that you could be more in the world with less effort and more joy.

I wanted to design a life in the way I want it! Outside of other peoples’ rules. And all in line with my unique energy.

I knew that there was the possibility to have it happen easily and instantly.

One of the things I use regularly to align my energy is a discliplined daily practice in-line with my Perosnal Energy Profile.
however, there is more that I do regualry to keep my energy, my vibration constantly shifting towards my manifestations. I do this work with my clients also, they are the clients who know that instant and effortless comes after they learn to be more of who they truly are.
They know that being in my energy and having access to my energetic and practical gifts will assist them to choose differently and create a life they love. If you'd like to earn more about how you can work with me privately or in group, you can book a short consultation with me below.

If you’d love to speak with me about an individualised program, you can click the button below to apply for a conultation.

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