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The Joyful Abundance Oasis

The Joyful Abundance Oasis with Shirley Joy Joffe

The monthly membership for spiritually conscious leaders who have created extraordinary success and are now ready to experience extraordinary joy and flow in all areas.

Discover the tools to even more fully channel your unique gifts and talents in this world, and to create divine abundance in life, business and relationships.

The outcomes you can expect:

  • A safe space to share, decompress and work through any complex emotions and circumstances so you can move through situations quickly and confidently.
  • Opportunities to release and heal your conscious and unconscious emotional blocks, limiting patterns and unresolved internal conflicts in order to create deep inner peace.
  • A place where you can be yourself without judgment and receive the support you need. You are so used to supporting everyone else, now it’s your turn!
  • Experience a new level of freedom, joy and purpose.
  • A community of like-minded souls who are dealing with similar situations to you and are similarly growth minded and solution orientated.
  • A space to come to refuel your energetic vibration, activate your highest self and plan for optimum flow.


  • Benefit from Human Design informed life and leadership guidance, from an expert corporate trainer, master healer, master coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Master and Eriksonnian Hypnotherapist. Shirley is additionally certified in Language and Behaviour Profiling, Timeline Therapy, Core Wound Release, Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy, Advanced EFT, Advanced Energy Meridian Therapy, Soul Release Therapy, Access Bars, Energetic Facelift and Body Processes and Facilitation and Theta Healing. She is also experienced in Space and Land Clearing and Entity Release, Team Dynamics, Learning and Development, Project Risk Analysis and she’s a certified Management Trainer, Project Management Trainer and Facilitator.


  • So whether you have a leadership concern, or a wound coming up for healing, you’re in the right space!

Imagine …

  • Feeling fully supported and empowered to deal with whatever you’re dealing with in your life, business and relationships
  • Having an empathetic ear from Shirley who is completely committed to you having the life and experience of life that you truly desire
  • Being able to shift out of situations or emotions that used to leave you with your wheels spinning for days… in minutes
  • Receiving the gentlest but also the most powerful healing you’ve ever experienced
  • Continued encouragement and empowerment to step into the highest expression of yourself and to own your truth

How this membership is delivered:

  • LIVE  – “Clearing and Healing Clinic” monthly Zoom Sessions – where you can receive 1:1 facilitation within a live group setting.
  • LIVE – “Psychic in your Pocket” monthly Zoom Sessions – to receive guidance and channelled answers through Shirley from source energy.


  • Regular [Pre-recorded] Training and Energetic Clearings handpicked from Shirley’s library of Mastery
  • Regular [Pre-recorded] 5-minute top up energy tools
    (tried and tested things you can integrate into your life to make huge shifts fast)


  • Top up Energy Activations
  • Bonus Surprises as appropriate for the group’s energy and themes
  • Bonus Short Courses
  • Private Facebook Group for support, and conscious discussion.

Members investment:  

£97 per Month

£500 Pay in Full for 6 months 


£970 Pay in Full for the year + a BONUS Optimal Soul Flow Reading (Shirley’s proprietary Human Design, Cosmic and Gene Key Evolutionary Individual Reading – this is recorded specifically for you)

Joyful Abundance Oasis Monthly £97.00 per Month. Select
Joyful Abundance Oasis (6 Months in full) £500.00 every 6 Months. Select
Joyful Abundance Oasis (Annual in full) £970.00 per Year. Select

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