Deep Mystical Life Card Reading


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With this product you have the option of 2 types of readings:

  1.  Year Ahead Triple Dive Reading

    You’ll receive a complete 12-month view of not only what themes and events are coming up for each month of your next year, you’ll also receive a dive into what challenges may come up and what virtue focus to look at to achieve the highest outcome month by month.
    I usually do this spread around January/February…. why?

    Because the energies towards the end of the year are so intense that sometimes the energetic information is not as accurate as when it’s settled down in Jan/Feb.

    You can do this spread at any time of the year and either choose to see ahead or review past months and future months of the year.

  2. Complete Life Areas Gypsy Spread

    In this spread we look at 7 areas of your life :

    Work & Success, Plan & Intentions, Luck, Friends & Support, Love, Family, Personal State & Health

    We work through Past, Present, and Future Aspects for each area to give you a view of where requires attention and how to create more harmony for yourself.

Shirley has been a professional card reader for over 2 decades and now generally only does readings within her 1:1 VIP Containers.

This is an amazing opportunity to tap into her psychic gift and receive a reading and energy transmission while she reads.

Delivery of this product:

This can be either a recording or you can choose a live reading, sessions and recordings are around 75-90mins.

Following purchase:

Please send an email to and let us know which you prefer – LIVE READING or RECORDING

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