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Uncover Your Soul’s Potency with Intuitive Soul Dowsing Basics (Level 1 – Attunement and Daily Clearing)

In this live recorded 3 hour course, you will learn how to accurately communicate and intuit with your Dowsing Pendulums and Rods to clear and align with your soul’s energy, working on soul programs, physical body, physical space, and energetic field. You will then open the receiving channels for money, soul mate, health, relationships, etc.. Dowsing is a super-powerful Mystical technique used for many centuries to shift all sorts of energetic and physical energy! When working with dowsers, they can accurately access HUGE bursts of Divine Light, Healing Vibrations, Earth Elements, and Cosmic Frequencies in support of your Divine Healing, Awakening, and Manifestation journey.


Unlock the power of Intuitive Soul DowsingTM with Shirley’s recorded live 3-hour course! 

This mystical technique has been used for centuries to shift physical and energetic energy, and now you can learn to do it too. 

In this course, you’ll master the art of communicating with dowsing pendulums and rods to clear and align with your soul’s energy. 

You’ll then open the channels to receive abundance in money, love, health, and relationships.

When working with dowsers, they can accurately access HUGE bursts of Divine Light, Healing Vibrations, Earth Elements, and Cosmic Frequencies in support of your Divine Healing, Awakening, and Manifestation journey.


And when they are used in a SPECIFIED WAY (such as in soul program clearing or space clearing), the energies they access can create RAPID vibrational shifts within your body and consciousness, and the world around you.

Dowsing is a powerful technique that goes far beyond its basic system.

This course goes far beyond the basics of dowsing techniques as I’ve incorporated all the enhancements I’ve gathered over 20+ years of dowsing and I empower you to create your own intuitive library of personally working with dowsing.

Who is this course for:

  • This course is for anyone who loves the accuracy that dowsing can provide, and is ready to get started creating their own daily practice and methods to raise the vibration of life, home & space!
  • If you sometimes find yourself unable to fully access your intuition through life circumstances, you can use the dowsing techniques as your channel in a powerful way and clear your energy.
  • And if you are a little magical/witchy and spiritual and would like an easy and powerful accurate divining and clearing method.

What will you learn:

  • The course starts with the basic practices of how to intuitively connect, clear, and use your instruments correctly.
  • A simple yet powerful set of routines that you can use every day.
  • If you only have 1 small pendulum, you can still do this course.
  • You will learn many variations of energy clearing including soul program clearing, chakra remote clearing, and much more.
  • And how to use the techniques in all areas of your life to open channels to receiving universe surprises, and raising your vibrations to higher levels.
  • And much, much more including a complete manual and extra resources.

What benefits can I expect after the course?

  • Enhanced intuition: By learning to use dowsing pendulums and rods, you’ll become more attuned to your intuition and learn how to use it to guide your daily decisions in business and for you individually.
  • Increased energy levels: By clearing and aligning with your soul’s energy, you’ll feel more energized and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.  You’ll also become more productive as you your intuition is sharper and more focused.
  • Better sleep: Using dowsing techniques to clear your physical space and energetic field can lead to a more restful and peaceful sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
  • Improved relationships: By clearing old soul patterns in relationships, you may see improvements in your connections with family, friends, and romantic partners.
  • Manifestation: Learning how to use dowsing techniques to manifest abundance in money, health, and other areas of your life can lead to tangible results, helping you achieve your goals and live the life you desire.


No prerequisites are necessary – Just an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Join Shirley today and unlock the full potential of dowsing for yourself!


Investment: £333  SALE £155

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