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Energy Healing Deep Dive Package (8) + Extra Bonus, not to be missed!


This portal of your own deep healing can be used to work on any specific issue that is stopping you or limiting you from reaching your highest potential.

This can be used to work on an ongoing basis or to target an area in your life that is in need of attention, from self-actualization to sinking deeper into your truth, wealth, relationships, and even health.

We can co-create radical transformation through simple techniques and energy transmissions that then translate directly into your outer reality.

I do not niche specifically because the work we do is core deep and our outer reality always stems from understanding, accepting and healing basic woundings that are at the core of our lives.

The kind of benefits you can expect are (and are not limited to):

  • Renewed energy in mind, body, and spirit so you can do more of the important value-driven things in your life with joy.
  • Stop listening and buying into stories and illusions that are not yours and do not serve you, so you can create life and define success in a way that aligns with your heart.
  • Burnout starts to lift and your body begins to heal itself naturally, you then tune into the ways to naturally be in a space of energy day to day.
  • You begin to flow money and wealth in a way that creates and generates more abundance, releasing from transactional paradigms so that you see tangible wealth in all areas come to you with ease.
  • Clients have experienced: more clients coming to them with ease, new job offers, stronger and more healthy boundaries, the deep trust to being supported and knowing when you do and when to relax and allow flow, and much more.

My signature energy is that of Success, Possibilities, Radical Transformation, and Expansion, so if you are ready for these, then this work is for you.

I am a Practical and Modern Mystic and the work inside these containers reflects ancient and cutting-edge techniques harmonized to create a magical experience within each session.

How this Package is delivered:

  • I will request details to put together your Human Design Map for us to have a better idea of conditioning areas, ways you work  etc, You will receive a mini reading based on this to keep – Value £497
  • You will have 8 x 60-90min deep healing sessions over the course of 2-4 months spread out depending on your energetic type and your requirements.
    (In our first session we will discuss your requirements and begin.)
  • I will also provide extra resources that can assist you if they are appropriate – Value over £297

BONUS: You will get limited extra access to me outside of sessions for triggers in your day-to-day life as we assimilate the work that is being done.  This is done via whatsapp and dropbox.
It includes clearings, mini video tutorials or meditations, etc.

Investment in you is £4111


These containers will not suit you if:

  • You enjoy going over past events many times without being willing to commit to the possibility of requiring you to change habits/thought patterns or daily routines.
  • You don’t believe in a higher power of any kind, even within you.
  • You don’t believe things can change for you, or that your future is written and that is that.
  • You are looking for concrete specific results that are numbers driven, this work is the inner work that can open doors to results you may have never even considered.

If you are considering this and would like to have an initial consultation beforehand, you can book that through this link:

We can together confirm that our energies and the way we can work together are of the highest potential for you.

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