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Optimal Soul Flow Adventure by Design


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Begin the Journey to Truly meet Yourself and Enter the Realm of Joyful Abundance


You are here for a unique purpose, to work in a unique way, with unique strengths and stretch points. You are an infinite being in human form who is incarnated here for a reason.

You have strengths and stretch points, every human does and when it comes to your stretch points, you are not faulty – you are human.

This Adventure is in 4 Parts and delivered over the course of 8 weeks:

Part 1 – Meet Yourself

Optimal Soul Flow Initial Reading

An initial discovery of your optimal soul flow – a unique profile reading encompassing several systems that include ancient knowledge along with new quantum realm elevation.

In this reading, Shirley will illuminate the areas where you hold the exponential capacity to upgrade your cosmic consciousness during your time on earth allowing you to leverage your strengths even more fully.

Shirley will do an initial dive into the most important areas of impact of your Human Design birth chart, along with a brief overview of the areas of your Gene Key Profile that has an impact on your current time of life.

This will give you a clear initial indication of where you are in your soul’s evolution and what needs to be cleared in order for you to step into your next level of embodiment of joyful abundance.

How will this be delivered:

This is an individually pre-recorded 30-40 min video transmission, it is unique to you.

(You’ll also receive an “Introduction to The Optimal Soul Flow Reading” recording)

Part 2 – Align to Yourself (60 mins)

Clarify any Misconceptions of who you truly be

In this private session, you’ll be able to bring up thoughts and ask questions brought up from your Optimal Soul Flow Initial Reading, especially in areas where you may have noticed you are not embodying the highest level aspects of you.

Receive initial clearing and healing in those areas as they arise.

You will gain clarity of how to work with your Optimal Soul Flow Profile to optimize your life, performance and ability to create joyful abundance in your life

How will this be delivered:

Private 60min online session and includes the recording and any audio clearings to replay as necessary

Part 3 – Heal your Self (60 mins)

 Clear up Conditioned Pathways

In this session, you will continue the journey and receive Shirley’s proprietary method of deconditioning conditioned pathways, responses, or old programming that stops you from living in alignment with the energy that is your true infinite being.

This is a deep energy healing session.

How will this be delivered:

Private 60min online session and includes the recording and any clearings to replay as necessary

Part 4 – Create your Own Adventure

Pre-Recorded Workshop – The Joyful Cosmic Leap Experience

Guided ‘Heartstorm’ Exercise followed by “Joyful Cosmic Leaping” Hypnotic Visualisation.

How will this be delivered:

Pre-Recorded Video Workshop


– You will leave this experience with the initial understanding of who you are, who you are not, and who you have the capacity to be.

– You will leave this experience with more clarity around what activities, choices, and ways of being are for you and not for you.

– You will leave this experience with the ability to explore your soul’s expansion and begin to design and generate the journey.

– You will leave this experience feeling seen, heard, met, and understood on a whole new level.


Warning: This adventure can result in a serious consciousness quantum uplevel in how you see and relate to yourself, and in your ability to get the absolute best from yourself, and will help you to stop comparing yourself to others!

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