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INVESTMENT: £97 per month



Are you ready to feel MORE confident in your ability to manifest your dreams and desires?

How would your life change if you felt completely confident in your ability to bring all your desires to the here and the now INSTANTLY?Have you been doing the inner work and you are still getting nowhere?This is so frustrating, because you are trying so hard to do it right.Every step of your day is full-on pushing your way to success, and it is burning you out.

You are getting tired of burning the midnight oil and working so hard.

It is a darn good thing your soul keeps knocking.Because that constant whispering in your ear that you cannot ignore… it’s real, trust it.

Deep within, your soul is speaking to you trying to point you in the direction of your dreams and desires and fulfill your purpose.

Your journey on earth is short, and it can be joyful, light, and fulfilling.You believe that you create your reality and you are sick and tired of going down the path of resistance which shows up as burnout, frustration, and overwhelm.

This is just not working for you anymore.Are ready to design your new way of being and living?Is it time for you to receive the energetic upgrade that is required to become the person that takes command of your future and creates greater possibilities.Join The Enlightened Oasis NOW
We have all been conditioned and taught from a very young age that life is hard but the truth is source is always working for you.  

Investment: £97 per month


I will help you to learn how to feel magic in every moment and be a natural manifestor. We have all been conditioned and taught from a very young age that life is hard but the truth is source is always working for you.  


Here’s how it works…The Enlightened Oasis is a monthly membership that supports you to keep yourself going in the direction of your dreams & desires… think of it as a guitar tuner. It helps you to know you are in tune and in alignment with what you desire.JOIN NOW!Go On… You KNOW You Want To!

Being in Shirley’s container is like bathing in magical waters all day.

She comes up with original webinars and clearings.

Shirley gives from the heart and her generous spirit creates miracles. I feel constantly uplifted and held being in her space.

I always look forward to what she is about to come up with next. My nervous system craves it.

CEO at SSW Lifestyle

Amazingly powerful energy healer, helping you identify, and shift effectively with grace and ease (important point!) any bloc preventing you from living a life of happiness, abundance and manifestations.

You can sense that she does her work with compassion, respect and understanding which is wonderful to be at ease, trust and surrender.

Thank you very much I am super grateful to work with you.
CEO at Elodie ThénotLet’s break it all down.

The best part about joining this group is that you do your thing and I handle all of the deep energetic clearing work.

Yes, I will clear all your foundational deep background work from your energy field so that you can vibrate higher and take command of your future. 

With that in mind when we gather in the group we will be lifting your vibration much higher and at a much more comfortable pace so that you can co-create with source.


  • ​2 Live Energetic Clearings Per Month 
  • ​Clearing for & in the group, cards, pendulums, crystals, psychic reading 
  • ​Once a month Shirley goes into the group to clear all the energies from the participants (you don’t have to do anything she does it for you) these energetic clearings will remove resistance which elevates your vibration so therefore you will supercharge your results month after month
  • ​Cash grids for the group (to bring in cash)
  • The Outrageous Ask… helping you to step out of that comfort zone and be outrageous​

That’s well over £750… Value!You’d actually be crazy not to.JOIN NOWSPECIAL BONUSES

 1:1 Soul Release Therapy Clearing (Value £297)

This is a remote clearing (all I need is your name, and you will receive a report as to what has been cleared… I do the work so that you don’t have to)

 Activate Your Personal Power Of Visualization in 5 Easy Steps (Value £497)

Master the art of visualization and accelerate towards your vision faster than you thought possible.

Top 10 Blocks That Stop People From Achieving More Success & Abundance PDF (Value £197)

Get your hands on this PDF to learn the top 10 blocks that hold people back from 

5-Minute Blissful Reset Meditation (Value £197)

Clear the clutter and baggaSPECIAL BONUSES EXTRA VALUE
OVER £1188… Value!

I’m a busy entrepreneur with a lot on my plate, will this work for me?
This program has been designed with YOU, the busy entrepreneur in mind, as you receive the background energetic work without having to put your time in it.You can choose to change your vibration as fast as you wish.
I’m brand new to energy work, Is this right for me?Yes, think of it as starting your journey with all the tools and resources you need right from the beginning in the easiest way.What a gift. This program is about YOU and that translates to how your life unfolds. 
I’ve done programs in the past and not seen results, How will this time be different?
Sometimes it takes a different perspective and the right timing in your life.
How do I know this right for me?
If you are seeking something that you’ve not found yet, this group can help you find new awareness and ways of being that you might not have found journeying alone, and only you will know if this is right for you, I am a firm believer in divine timing.  



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