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Are You Dreaming Too Small?

There is so much more available for you from the universe.

It is beyond what you can imagine.

This is why it is REALLY important for you to widen your horizons and expand your mind to think EVEN bigger than you already are.

I love to share stories, so here is a really cool story that I think is just perfect for this article.

So there is this guy who passes away.

He goes to heaven and meets the Creator.

He says to Creator, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for bringing me that beautiful Ferrari that I asked for.

Thank you for putting me in my beautiful house, that eight-bedroom house that I asked for.

And for bringing me, my beautiful wife and my beautiful kids.

I am so so grateful.

And Creator says to him, I am so happy that you really, really loved and appreciated what you asked for.

Just for you to know… there was Rolls Royces with chauffeurs and an island ready for you but you asked for this, so this is what I brought you.

The moral of the story you will ALWAYS get what you ask for.

My point here is, when you are visualizing your desire, open the space up to allow greater in so that the universe can REALLY bring you what you are vibrationally matched to.

Because when you’re in that space, your vibrational match just might be much more than you can even conceive and imagine to be.

The world is yours to play in… will you be courageous to ask for MORE?

(There are many tried and tested methods to bring in our desires, if you would like to learn more, come on one of my courses or have a session with me. Please do contact me either via email or through my facebook : Shirley Joy Joffe.)


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