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Uncover Your Soul’s Potency with Intuitive Dowsing Basics

Level 1 – Attunement and Daily Clearing

In this live recorded 3 hour course, you will learn how to accurately communicate and intuit with your Dowsing Pendulums and Rods to clear and align with your soul’s energy, working on soul programs, physical body, physical space, and energetic field.

You will then open the receiving channels for money, soul mate, health, relationships, etc.. Dowsing is a super -powerful Mystical technique used for many centuries to shift all sorts of energetic and physical energy !

When working with dowsers, they can accurately access HUGE bursts of Divine Light, Healing Vibrations, Earth Elements, and Cosmic Frequencies in support of your Divine Healing, Awakening, and Manifestation journey.

Please find below your downloads.

Please print out your manual as you will need a hard copy for the course.

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