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The Damaged Psychic and How they Can Ruin your Life

In my last article the difference between a healer and a psychic I talked about what the differences are between psychics and healers and I mentioned the phenomenon of “the damaged psychic” and maybe this could read “the damaging psychic”…

In this article, I’m going to talk about what I mean by that based on my own experiences with psychic’s who inadvertently do more harm than good.  And healers who are ill equipt to run a professional practice ant yet after one or two courses decide that they can work with another person’s mind, body and soul.

I’n talking about this industry in particular but this can be seen across the coaching, wellness and health industries as a whole as well as many others. 

This article will go through some of the aspects to recognise clues to know if you are with a “damaged” healer or psychic and how to know, so that if needs be you can protect yourself from that interaction.

Firstly, what do I mean by “damaged’?

I’d like to make it clear that no one needs to be fixed, no one is damaged in that there is something wrong, and when you are setting yourself up to work on someone else professionally it is my belief that a certain level of getting yourself ready for that is a service to the client.

Well, all of us are dealing with, and going through life with old beliefs, patterns, and energies that are from our childhood, genetic and ancestral hangovers, and affected by society at large.  The “damage” part of this is when you are trying to give others information/clarity or healing based on expertise that comes from a place where you have not done enough of your own clearing work to be a clear intuitive channel.  

Clearing you own channels, includes healing yourself, and doing the inner work on a regular basis to heal the wounds that are coming up.  

This could include shadow work, forgiveness work, allowing divine/higher energy to come through and help you and much more.  

It includes so much more than some massages, a little meditation or a session or 2 of reiki. (By the way, I do love reiki so not to say it can’t really powerful in it’s own way).  This work can be deep and painful, with some, it shows up as lots of deep, dark clearing, inward processing, crying and other things.  But for others it shows up differently, it can be gradual, less explosive, just as we each have our own personalities, we have our own ways of healing ourselves.  Who’s to say healing MUST be hard and painful to be effective?

There are some “psychics”/ self proclaimed “spiritual guides/mentors/coaches” that have led a difficult life and starting to come through it, have decided from one day to another to set themselves up as “spiritual leaders”, “readers” and/or psychics even though they have done no in depth learning, inner work, clearing themselves. They are “helping” people and inadvertently those people then need more help to clear up what has been done.

This typically presents itself in the industry as people going round from healer to healer or psychic to psychic and not feeling any better or their life even getting worse as a result.  It also puts an industry that is meant to be awakening and empowering people in a light of low standards and lack of real impact and charlatanism.

It’s the difference between going to a student doctor who is still in medical school vs a consultant who has had years of experience.

It’s the difference between talking to a friend about your problems (the friend is not really giving you a professional perspective, it is coloured by the bias of their own experience) and/or going to a trained, experienced therapist who has hundreds or thousands of hours under their belt as well as has done their own work to be able to guide you in a clear way.

Let me give you an example here of how a  typical “damaged” psychic /healer could show up: 

A person has had a hard but fun life, has bounced from career to career, maybe in the health industry/corporate ladder, or other different careers, has a personal history of gaslighting/ abuse or relationships created from choices that are less that empowering, they may have done lots of partying, drugs, and other things that have opened them up psychically but also allowed entities/other energies to run the show without their knowing.  

Now they have “cleaned themselves up”, but they haven’t yet cleared their energy, they don’t enjoy the deeper inward soul work required to release themselves from attachments, opinions etc, they are full of resentment to the old abusers, people who took advantage of them etc.  

One day they are thinking of a new career and realise that they have some psychic ability and now it’s a real trend to call yourself “an intuitive”.  

So they set up a persona of psychic that is different to others in the industry because “they are real”.  

People buy it……. Unfortunately this person hasn’t got the skills or the knowledge to help the people coming to them for guidance and help, the person’s past is still running the show, and with all best intentions, their clients are now being led down the psychic’s own life healing journey.  

The client receives opinions that are based on the psychic’s past hurts, entities still running the show etc and when that happens the client feels a bit validated but no better off, this comes up as “proving themselves” , “ energy is low” “decisions based on the psychic’s projections of what “they” think, the intense need to protect themselves because that’s what the psychic has said they need, rather than what is coming through as a clear loving guidance.

Do you know of any psychic’s like that?

Do you know any healers like that?

Have you ever had a reading where the psychic has told you that the person you are in relationship is is cheating/ isn’t good for you/ isn’t your soul mate and rather than listening to your own intuition and voice, you have relied on the reading because they are a “psychic”?

You can be honest with yourself, it’s ok, no-one apart from you is hearing that answer…..

I can tell you that when I was much younger (over 23 years ago), I used to dabble with reading cards, doing bits and pieces and as a reader, you DO know when you aren’t really doing an accurate reading.  It just depends on your integrity as to whether you are honest with yourself to know that you are at the beginning of your journey.

Are you worried yet???

So let’s see how you can learn to be more discerning and choose in a more aligned and balanced way.

  1. Get referrals and recommendations, trusted reviews.  Check that the person you are going to has done at least some work of their own, potentially even worked with some different modalities to a high level.
  2. TRUST your inner voice.
  3. If you have trouble trusting your inner voice, get a healer to work on that with you first who uses empowering techniques rather than telling techniques. 
    (There is a reason that good coaches/therapists always ask questions rather than telling you things when they are helping in this way, we’re not talking about teaching right now).
  4. Whatever comes through in a reading or healing, run it through your body and notice if it feels right.  (It may well feel different and new, but if it feels awful or there is resistance, you either need to look at what is the resistance and work through that or it’s not in alignment with your body)
  5. Never hand over power over your free choice or power to another person whoever that is.

I’d like to give you an example of one such “damaged” psychic I had the opportunity to come across in the last couple of years.

They came across as persuasive, expert, fun, full of integrity,  “tell it like it is” persona.  They would talk about being vulnerable and weep all over their social media, melt down and tell others that, this is how healing looks like, it should be expected and if you don’t feel dreadful, you’re not going deep enough.  I was intrigued ….

I noticed that clients had come to me after being with this type of psychic, and it would take several sessions to unhook themselves from the ingrained beliefs that had been projected onto them.  These clients were led to believe that if they weren’t healing and didn’t feel bad enough, it was their fault and they alone weren’t ready for healing.  It lay blame, and shame squarely at their feet.  This is not to say that the client is not always on the driving seat and healing can look totally different from one person to another, responsibility, however, is very different to blame and fault.

I can say that my belief is that every person has a journey and the lessons we choose to learn in this life will be learnt either in a challenging way or they can be learnt in a more empowering way.  So maybe those clients had come across that particular psychic to teach them about boundaries, listening to their own worth, trust, self love etc…

I also belief that sometimes coming across these people, trying things out is part of some people’s own unique way of figuring things out. I know for me, I make many mistakes because I learn by trial and error.  It also means that I get to experience many things.  BUT, everyone is unique, so some people already have the capacity to KNOW and choose to act when they sense something not quite right.  And that’s INTUITION right there, call it gut instinct, or some people will tell you they “just KNOW”.

I hope this has given you some food for thought, maybe you will recognise some of these nuances more when choosing a psychic or healer or maybe you have a different viewpoint and I’d love to hear some of them.

Have you yourself encountered a psychic or healer that you recognize in this article?  How did you recognize them and did it make a difference to you or were you attracted to the “realness”?


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