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What is the difference between a Healer and a Psychic and why should you care?

Many people have asked me, what is the difference between a reading and a healing, and this brought me to ask… what is actually the difference between a Healer and a Psychic? Is it something you need to consider before you book a session?

This is how I see the differences:

The Psychic:

I often ask myself, if I’m going to a psychic, am I expecting accuracy?  

When I go to a psychic I know that I’d like them to be accurate pretty much 99% to 100% of the time.  

The issue with that is that what they’re doing is tuning into a period in time that is set from the point where you are now, from the perspective of what will be created with the same trajectory as your beliefs, actions, and limitations as they are in the current moment and without any changes in the past.

Very few psychics have the skills to tune into multiple possible futures because most of them are hooked in on “fate”, “destiny” and “what is written”.


You’ll get an accurate picture of what you have created to this point if you continue as you are.

You get a picture of something that you could change or simply accept.


Unless the psychic is totally clear, and extremely skilled and practiced, they can give you an interpretation that is totally way off.

The reading could bias you and actually implant you to create whatever they are seeing.

The reading could be based on the psychic’s own blocks, resentments etc that colour the reading.

The reading is a moment frozen in time and no change work is actually being done.

Psychics often don’t have the skills to make changes to what they are reading.

The Healer:

I most of the time choose a Healer for myself, because a TRUE Healer will give me the opportunity to start to CREATE a new future regardless of the “reading”.

I’m always looking for a Healer that has done enough of their own inner work that they are no longer as biased or have opinions to project at you.

As with a great psychic, both will have cleared enough of their own limitations, blocks and created their own life to become the clearest channel.  

They more often will be objective and open to miracles and possibility.

Healers are also psychic, (they often call it intuition not to scare their clients off) and what they do is rather than telling you what they see they can give you a snapshot of the potential and then give you the options of how to change it.

They are able to help you change your future by healing and clearing the limitations, blocks, and trauma in your past and present. And they will clear things down to a cellular level if they are worth it, they can do that in various ways.

There are many different types of energy/spiritual healers out there.

My personal best method is to find a combination of Healers that will clear the mind, the body and the spiritual/energetic being.

Otherwise what you may experience may be very short-lived, it’s important that the programs that are running the show are cleared in all three bodies and across the conscious, subconscious/unconscious mind and right down to soul level, and that can sometimes take time.


You take responsibility for your life and how it’s created.

You will get an accurate reading along with the opportunity to change anything that you aren’t keen on to create a greater one.

Physical and mental pain can be releived often instantly.

You can choose total life change.

One session can release and clear an issue for good.

The journey of healing can bring you immense joy and purpose, take time to enjoy it, celebrate it, and feel gratitude in the small things.


You take responsibility for your life.

The changes may be subtle and over a period of time (just take note of small changes that lead to a shift that can move things forever)

For complete life changes often one session isn’t enough

Healing can become a journey, if you let it, it can take over your life.

My personal favourite modalities are:

ThetaHealing – combines psychic ability and access to deep healing in a fast and efficient way

Access Consciouness – Combines body and being to bring about true choice and awareness to create a greater future

Reiki – Relaxing to body and spirit but no inner belief change work

Acupuncture – Fantastic for the whole body/energy systems, intensely healing for physical, mental and energetic bodies, no inner belief change work.

Quantum Hypnosis – Like traditional hypnosis but allows the travel to go further than just the mind and is participative.

EFT – Fantastic for repatterning how the messages transmit though the body and brain, and a great entry point for those who are less into the more mystical side.

I don’t advocate one modality over an other and do have my favourite accurate psychics that I consult also, I do however always follow a psychic reading with belief change work to unblock any energetic channels being created.

Also, often someone will tell you that their modality is the fastest, most efficient, best, etc… These Healers are deep into their Ego, it’s one thing to prefer one modality over another and to have a preference for a modality in certain circumstances, but never forget that the client makes the change along with inside/outside higher power/energy, so the key is the client’s willingness to change and the connection between the healer and the client to allow that change to be unlocked.

I’ve seen clients who have seen countless healers with no luck come through my doors and have instantaneous and dramatic change with me because they were ready for it and it happened that we connected in a way that I was able to facilitate the change for them.

(I talk about this in a different article called : Why didn’t my Healing work before?)

I hope this little snippet has clarified the differences between what people call themselves, and if they aren’t sure what they are…. How can they clearly give you the information you require?

If this article has wet your appetite to start your journey to either do some belief change work or learn ThetaHealing or Access Consciousness so you can learn to be a Healer and do work on yourself and others. 

You can get more information on the ThetaHealing Classes I run, Access Bars and 1:1 work 

(I work using my own proprietary framework that combines over 25 years of mastery in over 8 modalities along with extensive self work and over 20,000 client hours). or email me on

I have limited 1:1 clients spaces so please do enquire if it calls to you and I have an opening.

Next time I will be talking about : THE DAMAGED HEALER / PSYCHIC and how that can ruin your life.


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