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The Uncertainty and Discomfort of Stepping to the Next Level

Move through Discomfort with Ease

Have you noticed that when people are writing about going to the next level, stepping up, and going into their new life, most of them speak about feeling fearless, “just doing it” etc.

What they don’t tell you is how there were moments of discomfort, apprehension, stepping into the unknown, having to face that, although they have trust, it’s not known.

You only hear the success story once the decision has been made, and the discomfort is glossed over picturing the person as a hero who was able to easily move through the deep pits that can sometimes be part of the journey and they have accepted their new reality and their new selves.

(It’s the way of telling stories on social media…. and it makes me gag. And recently, I’ve noticed that the angle has shifted… going on social media in tears, dreadful hair, clothes, all in an effort to “seem” authentic and sell …thankfully as a psychic I can mostly see-through which are the authentic stories and which are just great acting)

It happens more when change is swift and big.

A total upheaval and re-writing of their lives.

At that transition point, whether it takes a long time or a short time.

At that point…. is where there is the choice…. to move ahead or turn back to your comfort zone.

This can be in a relationship, a business, or in our health even. And often, when it’s in business and you are being more visible, you might need to refine yourself to match the next level you are stepping into.

Friends may drop away, family may no longer understand you and you’ll need to start connecting with and getting closer to a new peer group.

This can also mean that for a while, it’s lonely and uncertain.

So how can you resolve and get through this period?

For me, especially when I decided to step into my power totally, my family thought I was dabbling, being silly, “it’s a lovely little hobby” they would say while sniggering under their breath at the “utterly ridiculous” notion that I could or would be able to create my business by design and believe what was totally alien to them.

I had already stripped my friends down as I changed through simply not having anything in common with them, but now, I had to trust that the new people coming into my life could be transition people that had been brought to me to help me through the change until my true soul family would start to show themselves.

I personally don’t often do tears, not because I don’t feel deeply, I feel really deeply, and I’m also lucky to have studied modalities that don’t rely on having to feel like total “c**p” before moving through and making changes.

These modalities allow me to go through the necessary changes with more ease than traditional ones such as coaching, counseling etc. And through my own framework of inner work, I have been able to deeply move through change while honoring my inner process.

Here are some tips to help you move through change in an easier way:

  1. If you have a partner and family who support you, have them share your visions, but also know when to keep some things sacred between you and God.
  2. Choose a way to quickly process the emotions that come up for you, fears, blocks, old limitations otherwise you will end up in that “quicksand” for ages and your vision may never materialize. (personally, I love ThetaHealing for this or my own Joyful Abundance Blueprint)
  3. Keep visualizing your new level, make it as real as you can including bringing in the intense emotions that you will feel. The emotion/feeling is the vibration of the vision that will attract it to you.
  4. Do something in the physical realm that sends the universe a signal that this is what you have now, this allows your body to participate. If you ignore your body, it may participate in less than optimal ways.
  5. When there are really big shifts, open up to the idea that it can be necessary to work with someone who has either walked the same path or is skilled at coaching/energy work/mentoring to help you really know, feel and embody your new beliefs, behaviors, etc.

    I’d love to hear your honest experiences of up-leveling, enjoy !!

And if you are looking for someone who can support you through the changes with ease, drop me a message.


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