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Dowsing What?! Is it just used for finding water?

Is dowsing just an old fashioned way of finding water? I think not.... you can learn to harness this method for much much more...

I’ve been using dowsing since I can remember, actually remember playing with pendulums when I was around 14.

It’s mainly using pendulums and copper rods to answer questions, or find the way…

Of course over the years I’ve picked up loads of stuff with which I’ve created my own way of using dowsing so that it’s super accurate, super potent, and super powerful.

After being asked time and time again to reveal my special magical methods of using the art of dowsing, I finally put together some short courses which I will be starting to run live in January 2021.

In each part, I’m going to share different ways of how you can use dowsing – Part One is learning to use it for yourself.

Dowsing uses either pendulums or copper rods in the old fashioned ways to find water.

I use copper rods when I space clear in houses, they are like an old fashioned metal detector which is often used to find water but it can be used to find minerals as well and in this case, lay lines, stressers in the land etc

I also use them to answer other questions as well like when I’m undertaking a clearing.

I hold the copper rods, and the copper rods will move in and out. The rods themselves are an L-shape, but they sit in a circular tube, so I don’t affect them. My hands are not actually touching the rod, so as I move I get this movement.

I also use them for questioning, so I’ll ask the questions and hold the rods, and the rods will go in or out. I have genuine rods, and I also use pendulums, which I will use with charts to do different types of clearing.

People ask me to use them for all sorts of reasons – there’s a whole heap of stuff that you can do with a pendulum, and the beauty of it is, if you’re taught how to use it right, it is not an influenceable thing.

Whereas, when you’re doing muscle testing like kinesiology, it requires somebody who’s really good at it to do the “Yes and No”. If you’re doing it yourself, you can still manipulate it but when you’re holding a pendulum, non-dominant hand, non-dominant finger, and you’ve got your eyes closed, there’s no influence.

I will teach participants in the workshop how to use the equipment, how it’s set up, and make sure that they are clear to use it. If they’ve got lots of bias going on, they’re going to be asking, “What sort of questions should I be asking? How are the questions constructed”, all of that sort of thing which is why clearing is an important part of the process.

This is an online workshop, so anyone can participate. Each part comes with its own manual, you’ll get the charts that I use, and also a list of what sort of pendulums you could choose for what purpose.

It’s the same in that I have different crystals for different things, depending on what I’m using and what I’m doing.

Join me for Part One of my workshop – dowsing is so interesting and you will get so much from the course.


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