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Top 10 beliefs that block success and abundance

In many hours of working with clients, and listening to people talk about money, abundance, success etc. I have noticed that there are several limiting beliefs that people with problems reaching their desires have in common. Here are my top 10…..

  1. I’m not good enough.

    A healthy sense of self-worth is crucially important when it comes to abundance. If we’re unable to love and accept ourselves as we are we can have trouble receiving love, being paid abundantly, and accepting help from others. If we feel insecure and unworthy we miss out on great opportunities. Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone and this requires a healthy amount of confidence.

  2. No one will help me.

    This belief reflects distrust towards other people and possibly towards life itself. There are usually issues of self-worth, being abandoned, and feelings of disappointment behind this belief. If you have this belief you may refuse to accept help and this can cause problems in attaining your desires.

  3. People can’t be trusted.

    This is similar to the previous one. People can easily sense that you don’t trust them. If you resonate a deep mistrust people are likely to avoid working with you and helping you. We need each other along the way to reach our goals and manifest our desires. Being on guard at all times is exhausting and all this energy is away from realizing your dreams.

  4. Money isn’t spiritual.

    This is an old historical belief that we carry with us generation after generation. If money isn’t spiritual, how come we worship God in grandiose churches and temples that have cost a fortune to build? Money is only energy and a means of exchange. Whether your work is spiritual in nature or you have a ”normal” job, you’re entitled to be fairly compensated. The more you contribute to others, the higher the rewards.

  5. It’s not safe to reveal my true self.

    There is something magnetic about authenticity. A person who is not afraid to be vulnerable and speak their truth despite criticism emanates authority and comes across as trustworthy. When you try to hide the real you, you are incongruent in your words and actions and seem like you have something to hide and that you don’t really like yourself. How is anyone else supposed to like and respect you if you don’t? Don’t deny the world of the gift of you! We all came here for a purpose and I encourage you to find your voice and be a shining example of courage, integrity and self-worth.

  6. I must follow the rules.

    This is an interesting one; as if we adhere to good rules and guidelines to live by vs irrational and idiotic rules. It can get us stuck with an either-or scenario. Ask yourself, if I choose to follow this rule, what will it create in my world? If we all blindly lived by someone else’s rules and ideas, many inventions, good deeds and successful endeavours would have been left undone. The highest rule to live by is love and consciousness and neither will steer you wrong.

  7. If I’m successful people will envy me.

    Envy and the fear of being envied is something that keeps us small. By resenting what others have we put on blinders and can’t see what we might learn from these people and what great opportunities there might be just waiting for us to grab them. How on earth does it harm me in any way is someone else is successful? We should celebrate every achievement made by others because we are all connected. If we resonate joy and gratitude for others, life will start to bring us more things to be joyful and grateful for. Please don’t hold yourself back because someone might be jealous. Think of all the good you can do and how you can inspire others if you have made a wonderful life for yourself.

  8. It’s too much work.

    Many of us have been taught to believe that you have to work long and hard to succeed. If you have this belief and value your spare time I can guarantee that you will sabotage yourself from succeeding. What if success is something that comes naturally when you start doing something you absolutely love to do and are naturally talented at? You can enjoy your hours and do all the things necessary to succeed and it does not have to feel like hard work.

  9. Rich people are greedy.

    This is just one of the various negative beliefs we have about rich people. We are judgemental and biased especially if we don’t have much money. If you think that being rich makes you greedy and that’s something you don’t wish to be, you can be sure that extra money will keep its distance from you.

  10. Money won’t buy you happiness.

    Money related limiting beliefs come in many shapes and sizes. It’s true that you can’t buy true love, perfect health, or happiness with any amount of money, but it sure makes life easier. Sometimes we use this belief as an affirmation to convince ourselves that it’s ok to be poor. I’ve seen the damage financial troubles can do to even the most loving relationships, how it can wreck entire families and cause physical illness. Poverty rarely brings out the best in people.

Did you notice yourself having an emotional or a physical reaction to some of these beliefs? It’s usually a sign that you have a limiting belief that needs to be cleared. It can be either conscious or unconscious. If you would like to know more about clearing your limiting beliefs, you might benefit from 1:1 work with me, I combine many practices/modalities and years of experience to empower you to shift out of limitation and into choice and possibility.


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