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Top 10 beliefs that block success and abundance

In many hours of working with clients, and listening to people talk about money, abundance, success etc. I have noticed that there are several limiting beliefs that people with problems reaching their desires have in common.
Here are my top 10…..

Is it Holiday Hell or Holiday Heaven

How many years have you looked forward to being with family and then you arrive, and within a few days or even sometimes a few hours, all the little annoyances, the gaslighting, the pettiness, the fighting, the passive aggressive comments, the competition etc etc….

Are you an Empath?

Because empaths quite literally feel what is going on around them physically/mentally and spiritually, they can become overwhelmed by painful emotions, such as anxiety, sorrow, sadness or anger.

How do you follow your inner knowing?

While there is no formula to finding your path in life, there are common elements. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s not about figuring anything out: it’s about letting life figure itself out. Your purpose is already within you.

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